PALS enquiries

Patient Advice and Liaison Service

The Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) exists to:

  • Provide confidential information, advice or reassurance to patients, their relatives and carers
  • Help resolve smaller issues and problems with current care that can be addressed immediately
  • Assist patients/relatives who need time to discuss their concerns
  • Act as a first point of call for telephone and face to face enquiries

In 2013/14, some 94% of the 8,781 patient contacts our customer relations department received were successfully dealt with by the PALS team.

This was up from 92% in 2012/13 and 87% in 2011/12. The total number of contacts received in 2013/14 was also 64% higher than in 2011/12.

58% of all enquiries received in 2013/14 (5,110) were on-the-spot requests for general advice and information.

A further 3,149 were individual issues or concerns that were dealt with by the PALS team within one working day, mostly by involving the relevant staff/divisions to obtain answers to questions and/or offer a meeting where appropriate.

This was nearly twice as many as in 2010/11.

Only 522 cases (6% of all enquiries) had to be passed on into the formal complaints process.

To find out more about how we have responded to these enquiries and complaints, see the page Acting on Feedback.

You can contact our PALS team if you need someone to:

  • Pass on your compliments to staff,
  • Listen to and support you,
  • Help you sort out a problem or difficulty,
  • Advise you what services are available and how to make a complaint,
  • Provide information about healthcare-related issues, or
  • Make a record of the issues you want to raise

You can telephone PALS on:

  • 01243 831822 for enquiries relating to St Richard’s Hospital, or
  • 01903 285032 for Worthing and Southlands Hospitals

You can email:

Or you can visit us during normal office hours in the main receptions of St Richard’s and Worthing Hospitals.


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