Draft Quality Priorities 2017-18

This survey closed on 7 March 2017. We will share a summary of responses once these have all been assessed.

We are developing our Quality Priorities for 2017-18 as part of our ongoing Quality Strategy for the three year period 2015-18.  

We are asking our patients, staff, stakeholders and the wider community to help ensure we get our priorities for quality improvement right.


QS cover landscape

Introduction  About the Quality Priorities for 2017-18 Preventable mortality
Avoid harm  Patient experience Staff engagement

Western Sussex Hospitals’ current Quality Strategy sets out our priorities for 2015-18 and the means by which we will achieve the improvement targets they set.

You can read more about these goals and their proposed programmes of work for the forthcoming year, 2017-18, over the following pages.  

We carried out a survey to collect stakeholder views on the strategy during January and February 2017. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their views – we will publish a summary of feedback as soon as this is available.


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