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Patient experience 

Improvement priorities focused on improving patient experience

Improving patient experience is a central objective for all our improvement work. We have set a True North Trust-wide long term goal to achieve 97% recommendation for Friends and Family Test feedback, and reduce ‘not recommend’ rates. Departments within the Trust have different aspects to focus on depending on their patient experience themes.

  • Improvement huddles are being implemented as part of the Patient First Improvement Programme across the Trust to empower staff to resolve recurring issues that lead to a poor patient or staff experience.  Our priority area for next year will be to focus on improving communication.
  • Our forward improvement focus addresses reduction in complaints and improving the timeliness of complaint responses. We are also focused on improvement projects where we see trends in poor patient experience. Projects include improving discharge experience and improving outpatient appointment booking experience.
  • We will also be developing our ability to correlate staff experience with patient experience to enable a greater understanding of where improvements can be made.
  • Improving experience of young people receiving care across the Trust through the Children’s Board recommendations with a particular focus on improvements in children’s outpatient care.

This year’s improvement stories

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