About the Quality Priorities for 2017-18


 Shaping our Quality Priorities for 2017-18

  • Every three years we produce a strategy for improving the quality of care patients receive from our hospitals, we call this the Quality Strategy.
  • It sets out what we want to focus on to improve hospitals services for patients, visitors, staff and partners.
  • Each year we engage with out staff, patients, public and health partners to share our proposed Quality Improvement Priorities for the next year and gather feedback.
  • Improving Quality of Care is a key focus of our Patient First Programme.


Our ambition

  • As an organisation we aim to provide ‘best care every time’
  • Building on strong foundations in delivering high quality care
  • Four key goals:
    • Reducing preventable mortality
    • Avoiding harm
    • Improving patient experience
    • Improving staff engagement

Patient First Programme

The Patient First Programme is a Trust-wide transformation programme to make continuous improvement part of everyone’s day-to-day role.

Patient First motto

‘Removing the rocks in our shoes’

Our Patient First Programme is a programme based on Lean thinking, standardisation, system redesign and ongoing development of care pathways, built on a philosophy of incremental and continuous improvement led by front-line staff empowered to initiate and lead positive change.

For more information about how the Patient First lmprovement Programme is enhancing patient experience and empowering staff at Western Sussex, watch the introductory video on our YouTube channel.

Staff at Western Sussex are being empowered and enabled to make improvements every day. Improvement Huddles are being introduced to more and more teams and hundreds of staff from all departments are receiving specialist training in problem-solving.

The Kaizen Office has been established to support continuous improvement and managers are now asked to challenge the status quo and empower their teams to identify and make improvements in their areas of work.

However, with so many new opportunities for staff to make improvements, it is critical that everyone is pulling in the same direction and focusing on what will make the biggest difference to patients.  A concept called True North is being used to identify the direction in which all improvement ideas and projects should be steered.

To find out more about our True North, please click here.

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