Staff engagement


Staff engagement 

Our Quality Strategy 2015-18 and 2015-16 Quality Report referenced this key quality goal as ‘Staff Experience’.

Improvement priorities focused on improving staff engagement

For 2017/18 quality and governance priorities have been set by clinical divisions and a resilient and affordable workforce continues to feature strongly. Delivering 7 day services is integral to the development of workforce plans, together with the impact on other national imperatives including legislative changes, the Carter review and Brexit. Initiatives include:

  • Recruitment and retention strategies
  • Staff retention
  • Skill mix reviews
  • Development of new sustainable roles
  • Development of integrated and collaborative ways of working

We will continue to roll out our Patient First Quality Improvement Programme as a major tool for developing staff to be empowered and equipped to improve care.

We are implementing a Clinical Academic Pathway to support staff in delivering high quality evidence based care.

We continue to develop our successful staff wellbeing programmes.

This year’s improvement stories

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