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£4.9m investment in IM&T innovations and devices

Wednesday September 18, 2019

New IT innovations and improvements for both staff and patients are coming thanks to a £4.9 million investment in the trust’s information management and technology (IM&T) systems this year.

The multi-million expenditure for 2019/20 includes £450,000 on new computers and other staff devices; £417,000 on Radiology and Pathology order comms; and £450,000 on a new secure clinical messaging service.

The trust will also be spending £130,000 to migrate all staff email addresses to NHS Mail, enabling patient information to be sent securely to other trusts.

“I am very proud of the IM&T team

IM&T director, Ian Arbuthnot, said: “This is an exciting year for us as we progress a host of projects at Western Sussex Hospitals.

“For staff, we are continuing to invest in the development of our ‘single pane of glass’ concept for clinical information, which will enable clinicians to access all they need to know through just one system.

“We are driving this project forward with huge support and leadership from the newly appointed clinical chief information officers (CCIOs) Dr James Hayward and Mr Dan Magrill, who are working closely with us to ensure our projects are much more clinically aligned in both their delivery and use.”

Cyber security (£80,000); Patientrack development (£130,000); and single sign-on (£33,000) are also receiving cash boosts, while £700,000 is being spent on greatly increasing the bulk scanning of patient notes to further the trust’s green ambition to be paper-light by 2020.

Ian added: “As we modernise and improve our internal systems, we are also making great strides in doing the same for our patients. For instance, we have launched our new Patient Portal (PKB) which enables patients to receive their appointment letters digitally.

“This year, we also hope to add virtual clinics, access to Radiology and Pathology results, as well as all patient letters and perhaps even some added functionality through interactions with patient held devices.

“I am very proud of the IM&T team because there really is a lot going on in, from smaller advances like a proof-of-concept for an Outpatients self check-in system, through to establishing order communications for Radiology and Pathology from the wards, as well as GPs in the community.

“What I’m really excited about though is the way we intend to ensure these advances are delivered through as much clinical and patient engagement as possible.

“So, if colleagues want to get involved, please let us know, as we would love to hear from you.”

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