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A wonderful gift

Thursday June 4, 2015

A new bed called ‘Olaf’, for children with complex needs, was kindly donated to Bluefin Ward at Worthing Hospital in May and opened by one of its users, patient Thomas.

The bed is a full size bed with high padded sides to ensure children can be cared for safely. The bed was bought with donations from parent Neil Terry, who ran a full marathon to raise money, and Ron Noakes, Chairman of the League of Friends.

Bed presentation to Bluefin

Many of the complex needs children are unable to be left unsupervised on the regular beds as they try and climb out over the small cot sides. Parents therefore continually stay by their bedside unless a staff member can relieve them.

The arrival of the Olaf bed means that children with these additional needs can now be left safely in their beds whilst on the ward. Many patients have similar bed systems at home and so will be familiar with Olaf. The bed is fully padded on the inside and has an adjustable mattress. It has access holes for tubing such as oxygen and the sides have doors that can be fully opened to allow care to be carried out on the child.

“This is a wonderful gift and will make a huge difference to the inpatient stay of many children and their families”, said Matron Liz Bennett.

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