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Biomedical scientist scoops Employee of the Month award

Monday April 29, 2019

Senior specialist biomedical scientist Jonathan Lewis won Employee of the Month for March, following a nomination by head biomedical scientist Paul Randell.

In his compelling nomination, Paul said Jonathan had worked “tirelessly to bring flu testing in house, to enable results to be available faster so as to have positive impact on patient treatment, isolation and bed management”.

He described how Jonathan researched and sourced a cost effective, sensitive and specific test and then led on the production of a successful business case which enabled successful implementation during this year’s flu season.

Jonathan was presented with his certificate by HR director Jennie Shore (pictured far right), above along with Paul Randell, Kathleen Houghton and Manasa Mutingwende – who was also highly commended in the nomination.

Congratulations to everyone nominated for March’s Employee of the Month award:

1. Emergency Zone D Worthing; 2.Mark Sumner, Health Sciences Library 3.Lloyd Renals, Physio Team Lead 4.Nursing team on Castle Ward; 5. Rubilene Almeida, PACS support assistant; 6. ITU Maintenance Team – multi-disciplinary team: Emma D’Arcy and Critical Care Team – special mention to Jo Morgan, Neil Stoker and Tim Langman, EBME – Nick and Martin, Kevin Mayers, Daryl Moeller and team, Will King, Sharon Reed and IC team, Brain Hammersley, Hannah Farish, Linda Chrimes, Allen Jolly; 7. Christine Reeve, Maternity Care Assistant, Bramber; 8. Alistair MacKay, Cleaner, St Richard’s; 9.Cheryl Lifton, Imaging Support Worker, Worthing.

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