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Seven British Army soldiers provide portering support at Western Sussex Hospitals

Wednesday January 27, 2021

Seven military personnel from the 12th and 16th Regiment Royal Artillery, Emsworth, have arrived at Western Sussex Hospitals to help the fight against COVID-19. 

The team, who specialise in air defence and provide protection from a range of airborne threats, will be supporting the Trust for six weeks.

Sergeant Bobby Wright from the 16th Regiment Royal Artillery, Emsworth said: “We arrived last Wednesday and will be helping the portering team, assisting with anything from transporting patients to moving heavy medical equipment.

“Normally, at this time in the morning, I would be providing training for the team so they are ready to deploy on various operations. We’re very happy to be here. Everyone has been so welcoming and kind since we arrived.”

It’s wonderful to have the army supporting us with various aspects of essential patient care duties

Dave Harbutt (pictured above), General Manager of Facilities, said: “We would like to welcome the seven troops from Emsworth and thank them for their support. They will be helping with all aspects of portering activity at the hospital, providing valuable support to the department during these challenging times.”

Julie Thomas (pictured above), Head of Nursing, said: “It’s wonderful to have the army supporting us with various aspects of essential patient care duties over the next few weeks. They are extremely welcome and will really lift morale amongst our staff, who are working under such pressure at this time.”

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