Call centre ‘smashes’ target

Friday November 3, 2017

Congratulations to the Call Centre team at Southlands who have delivered their weekly target to answer 90% of calls within one minute for the first time.

The Patient First target was designed to improve patient experience and ensure the trust responds to enquiries in a timely and professional manner.

Head of elective patient access, Rachel Woolfenden, commended the team, saying: “All your hard work and innovation in recent months has culminated in a fabulous record achievement this past week.

“Not only have you met 90% of calls answered in a minute for the very first time – but to be honest you’ve smashed it by achieving an awesome 94%, with the average wait being just 17 seconds!”

The Call Centre is a very busy work environment, receiving more than 3,500 calls a week – that equates to at least 70 an hour, on average.

In the recent past, up to 25% of callers rung off before their call was answered because the wait was too long.

Now, less than 3% of callers give up before the call centre team can help them.

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