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Congratulations wave 7

Tuesday June 26, 2018

The seventh wave of clinical teams to adopt the Patient First Improvement System (PFIS) came together for a Lunch & Learn celebration in the Kaizen Space in Worthing on Thursday 14 June.
Chief medial officer Dr George Findlay welcomed colleagues and congratulated them for completing the five-month training programme during which they learned new problem-solving tools; new techniques to empower every member of the team to contribute to improvement; and implement best-practice in terms of lean management and performance improvement.

George also described PFIS wave 7 as “a bit of a tipping point”, with the majority of frontline clinical areas having now adopted the new ‘lean’ way of working.

He said: “For frontline teams, more of the organisation now knows about PFIS than doesn’t, and this was also the first foray into other areas, including endoscopy and pre-op assessment as well as the Women & Children’s division, which is great.”

Maternity matron, Juliette Phelan, has embraced the new ways of working and is particularly pleased by how it has engaged her teams.

She said: “The biggest thing is that the teams are now involved in change, everything starts with them. PFIS unlocks their ability to change things themselves which is just amazing.”

PFIS is also very beneficial for managers, added Juliette, saying: “It works beautifully for me as a leader because there is an escalation process and the huddle boards serve as a visual reminder of what needs to be done and staff can see what I am doing and they know that I am treating their concerns seriously.”

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