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Emergency teams deliver dramatic improvements in treatment of Sepsis

Tuesday December 12, 2017

The A&E teams at Worthing and St Richard’s are delivering dramatic improvements in the early identification and treatment of patients arriving with Sepsis, a life-threatening illness caused by the body’s response to an infection. Early provision of antibiotics saves lives and trusts are challenged to deliver treatment to 90% of patients within one hour of arrival. However, the national average for trusts is only 44%.

At Western Sussex, the emergency teams at St Richard’s and Worthing have been trialling different approaches to quality improvement and both departments are delivering excellent results. In August, September and October 81% of A&E patients with Sepsis at St Richard’s received antibiotics within one hour, and at Worthing 86% of patients received this potentially life-saving early intervention.

A&E consultant, Dr Colin Dewar, said: “This is a really challenging target when you look at what we have to do within that first hour after arrival and both doctors and nurses are working hard to achieve it, but it is really paying off as can been seen from how far ahead of the national average we are.”

Medical director, Dr Tim Taylor, said: “Our A&E teams are to be commended for delivering these dramatic improvements in the treatment of sepsis. It is great to see these teams collaborating closely in their exemplary quality improvement work.”

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