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Finance teams win award for overcoming adversity

Tuesday December 15, 2020

The Trust’s Financial Reporting and Compliance and Financial Services teams won the regional Healthcare Financial Management Association’s ‘Overcoming Adversity Award’.

The team are led by David Rose, who is described by Karen Seabridge, deputy finance director, as “a really supportive, enthusiastic, motivating and caring colleague.”

Karen, who nominated the team, said: “With a number of staffing challenges in the team, delivering a full set of year end accounts, whilst developing and maintaining increased governance and control procedures as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic would have been a significant challenge for any finance team.

“Managing through all of this and maintaining the team’s usual high standards of service, at the same time as delivering a new financial systems implementation, can certainly be considered as overcoming adversity.

“The Covid-19 pandemic struck midway through both the new financial system training programme and year end accounts preparation. With two key staff both falling ill with the virus within a few weeks of each other, the team continually
had to reprioritise, replan and redirect time, energy and effort to keep everyone focused on delivering the key aims.

It was the true grit, determination, strength, team work and supportive ethos of the Trust’s culture came to the forefront.

“It was then the true grit, determination, strength, team work and supportive ethos of the Trust’s culture came to the forefront. When faced with numerous challenges, if you pull together and support each other, the team, of whom I am immensely proud, proved you can overcome adversity.”

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