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Curry (image by hotblack http://mrg.bz/9ER14d)

From a dodgy ticker to eating tikka…

Friday July 11, 2014

Wetherspoons’ Thursday Curry Club has a new fan – 70-year-old Jim Muggeridge from West Sussex.

The retired wood worker tried his first curry in nearly 50 years at the Three Fishes in Worthing, shortly after having a pacemaker fitted at Worthing Hospital.

“It was delicious,” said Jim, who feeling like a new man had decided to break his self-imposed curry ban.

Before the quick procedure he was suffering from breathlessness, a hacking cough and swollen ankles.

“Now I feel both mentally and physically better,” he said.

Jim last tried a curry in 1968 in Brighton, and it made him quite ill.

“I was up all night with stomach ache,” he said. “I had to put the toilet roll in the fridge!”

That night he said he’d never eat a curry again.

But now, with a new lease of life and feeling more adventurous, Jim is working his way through Wetherspoons’ excellent curry menu.

For the past three weeks he has been a regular at the Three Fishes Thursday Club.

“I love it,” he said. “I’d like to thank all the staff and doctors at Worthing Hospital for making me feel so very much better.”

If you are experiencing breathlessness, a persistent cough, swollen limbs or blue lips, visit your doctor for a heart check-up.

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