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Governor election results 2015

Wednesday September 2, 2015

Thank you to everyone who voted in the recent elections and to the candidates who put themselves forward to support the ongoing work of the Trust, our staff, patients and volunteers.

We are pleased to announce the results as follows:

The following Governors have been re-elected;

  • John Todd (Adur)
  • Richard Farmer (Patient)
  • David Walsh (Staff)
  • Helen Dobbin (Staff)

The following Governors have stood down;

  • Shirley Bach
  • Alison Langley
  • Margaret Boulton
  • Jenny Garvey

The following new Governors have been elected and these are their election statements.

Jill Long (Arun) : Having lived locally since 1986, I enjoyed a 24-year career in the local NHS, as an administrator and senior manager, until 2011. Elected as a Littlehampton Town Councillor, I chaired a number of committees and was the nominal lead for the development of the Neighbourhood Plan for the town. As Town Mayor of Littlehampton in 2014/15, I represented the Town and its residents at a broad range of events. I was chairman of a local Scout Group for three years.

Now semi-retired, I wish to volunteer in another area of public life. The skills and experience I have gained from my NHS and local government careers offer a combination of professionalism and empathy, common sense and innovation.

In the NHS, I was involved in ensuring processes for risk management and governance worked effectively, and seeking improvements wherever possible, liaising with different sections of the NHS.

My commitment to the NHS remains resolute – it is about people, its most important resource, whether patients, staff or visitors. Safety, quality and efficiency are paramount. My reasons for wishing to become a governor of our local hospitals are based on my belief in the NHS, its need to continue to adapt and flex to provide the best possible care for local people, free at the point of access, and ensure the important personal elements of care and courtesy are encouraged.

By working together, we can ensure the continued success of our Trust.


John Thompson (Arun): My name is John Thompson and I have lived in Middleton-on-Sea for 25 years.

If elected my main objectives would be to:

Engage with the community to ensure appropriate and good quality hospital provision for the people of Arun and West Sussex

Contribute towards making the patient experience the best it can be

Use my skills and experience to ensure best value is obtained from all the hospitals’ activities

Hold senior managers to account for their decisions through active participation in the work of the Council of Governors, and

Encourage members of the community to join the Trust.

Most of my career was spent as a Director in the National Audit Office and then as Marketing Director of a local Office Products company. I am Chair of Governors at Davison High School in Worthing and have had wide involvement in school governance for 20 years. I sit as an Independent Person on the Arun DC Standards Committee. I am a Trustee of the Aldingbourne Trust and am just about to finish four years as a Lay Member of the WS Safeguarding Children Board, where I have contact with Health professionals and have responsibility for quality and performance of safeguarding across the NHS, local authorities and other agencies. I am a member of my surgery’s PPG. I believe that these roles have helped me to develop skills and gain experience which will be of value to The Trust and the Community.


Margaret Burgess (Chichester): I became a nurse in 1974 (Toronto) because I wanted to help people and achieve something constructive, fruitful. I hope that I may be able to do something similar as a Governor, were I to be chosen. I have pursued my professional development in ways which might be useful to those whom I represent. After I served as a Sister in charge of the ICU at the King Faisal Hospital in Saudi Arabia, I did a UK return to nursing course and a Diploma Course in Tropical Nursing and was persuaded to enrol for a Master’s Degree in Medical Anthropology . I lecture in London University. During a lifetime in healthcare, I have always tried to ensure that what we do is useful and inclusive – reinforced by a caring that grows out of sensitive discernment and properly informed decisions. I hope this, too, may be helpful as a Governor. I also have some broader experience which may be helpful: I founded, and run, a UK charity operating in Nepal amongst leprosy affected people; I have worked at the Passage in London; I am an active trustee of Sussex Community Foundation. Working with colleagues, I think appraisal works better than criticism, but am clear about accountability. I understand Governance. I wholeheartedly agree with the Nolan principles. I would like to help contribute to the Sussex communities in which I am involved, know and care for. I believe I can knowledgeably and sensibly gather and represent our communities’ views.


John Bull (Worthing) : I worked at Worthing Hospital for nearly 30 years as a Consultant physician. For six of those years I was Medical Director and before that Clinical Director of Medicine at which time I worked very closely with the other Clinical Directors. Not surprisingly I have followed the fortunes of the hospitals and the trust and see that they are facing a different though similar set of problems. I hope that I can be of some use in helping to solve these, albeit more removed than when I was “working”. I have some experience of this kind of role as I have been a school governor for 35 years. I have even been a patient at Worthing Hospital and, of course, I have many friends and acquaintances who have undergone care at the hands of both hospitals.

I think the above summarises my relationship to / contact with the trust. During my working life and since retiring I have exercised a number of skills e.g.:-

Working in several teams including in committees.

Chairing committees

Solving problems

With all this experience, I believe I have the qualifications to stand as a candidate for governor and although this sort of “bragging” is not something that I enjoy, I think I probably have more than many and warrant your support.


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