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Hospital kitchens win healthy eating awards

Monday November 30, 2015

Patients, visitors and staff eating at Worthing Hospital or St Richard’s in Chichester are never short of a healthy option.

Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust serves nearly a million meals every year from its kitchens which have all achieved a ‘Gold’ Eat Out Eat Well award.

Our ‘Gold’ awards confirm the importance we place on always making healthier options available for people

“We’re really proud of this fantastic achievement,” said Head of Catering, Christina Connolly.

“We serve a wide variety of freshly prepared food and our ‘Gold’ awards confirm the importance we place on always making healthier options available for people.”

Each of the five catering outlets operated by the Trust was independently assessed by Environmental Health teams on behalf of the Eat Out Eat Well awards.

Before awarding the top ‘Gold’ mark to each outlet, assessors looked at the way food is prepared, how ingredients are used, whether there are healthy options for children, staff training and how healthier choices are promoted.

Members of the scheme can be awarded Bronze, Silver or Gold depending on how well they meet the Eat Out Eat Well standards.

The Trust’s five catering outlets, which include the Shoreline Restaurant in Worthing, Terrace Restaurant in Chichester and the main kitchens for inpatient food at each hospital, also consistently achieve the maximum 5-star Food Hygiene Ratings score following regular inspections by the local authorities.



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