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Lasting legacy of support – schools design posters to mark twinning with wards

Friday November 6, 2020

Schools and communities in West Sussex have been designing posters to mark the start of their twinning partnership with wards in Western Sussex Hospitals, seeding a legacy of lasting support for the hospitals.

Durrington Infant & Junior Federated Schools is twinned with Bluefin children’s ward. To mark their partnership, their year 3, 4 and 5 pupils drew a school, hospital and people from both places all coming together.

Head girls, Lily and Cordy, with their school’s twinning with Bluefin ward poster

Christie Taylor, senior health play specialist on Bluefin ward, said: “We absolutely love the poster and the idea behind it. We are proudly displaying it at the entrance of the ward. A huge thank you to everyone at the school. We’re really excited by the future opportunities of this wonderful initiative.”

The twinning scheme launched following the rainbow pictures and messages of support sent to patients who could not receive visitors due to Covid-19 restrictions during the lockdown period.

We’re really excited by the future opportunities of this wonderful initiative

The wards at Worthing and St Richard’s hospitals are named after communities in Sussex and in many cases are being twinned with those who share their name.

For example, Durrington High School is twinned with Durrington ward, and to mark their partnership, more than 50 talented students entered a competition to design their twinning logo.


The Trust’s dedicated charity, Love Your Hospital, will now use the winning designs by Ruby and Megan (above) to create the final twinning poster, which will greet patients, staff and visitors to the ward.

David Clayton-Evans, interim head of Love Your Hospital, said, “During the height of the pandemic, the charity saw an incredible outpouring of support from the local community for our hospitals.

“The many colourful pictures and positive messages received from our local schools formed part of this and made a world of difference to staff and patients alike. The schools twinning initiative offers a way for this wonderful support to continue now and well beyond Covid-19.”

It’s not just schools getting involved. Neighbours from Whyke Lane South are twinned with Fishbourne ward and designed a poster to mark their twinning.

Pearl Green (pictured left), Fishbourne ward sister, said: “I would like thank Whyke Lane South community for their support. We are looking forward to developing this relationship and will be meeting with them in the coming months to discuss ideas of how to take this partnership

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