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Rising to the flu jab challenge

Monday November 6, 2017

Message to Western Sussex Hospitals staff from Chief Executive Marianne Griffiths

Dear colleagues,

Congratulations to the St Richard’s admissions team who are the first to have every single member of their team vaccinated against influenza, scoring them an unbeatable and perfect flu jab record of 100%.

Flu strikes up to one in four health workers each year and causes misery, additional staffing pressures and even fatalities, so there are many important reasons to take advantage of your free NHS flu jab.

Research shows that around 70% of people with flu don’t even experience symptoms, but are still contagious and can unknowingly pass it on to their patients, colleagues or loved ones.

Working in a hospital, we have a higher risk of catching flu and I believe a greater responsibility to protect our patients and each other from the virus. Please remember that flu can very debilitating and prove much more severe for many of those we care for and, in some cases, even deadly.

That’s why a few weeks ago I challenged teams to get 80% flu protected because we know that when at least four in five of us are vaccinated herd immunity helps to stop the disease spreading and protect those who cannot have the flu jab.

I’m delighted to now be able to report that at least 12 teams have risen to the challenge, with St Richard’s so far dominating the leader board:



St Richard’s Admissions


St Richard’s Clinical Lead Nurses


St Richard’s Ophthalmology Medical Secretaries


Infection Control


Worthing Dietetics


St Richard’s Business Managers, Maternity & Paeds


St Richard’s Paediatrics Admin and Clerical


St Richard’s Maxillo Facial Unit Lab


Worthing ITU Outreach


St Richard’s Antenatal clinic


St Richard’s IV Nursing


Modern Matron’s Medicine


Well done to all these teams for setting such a good example early on in this year’s flu campaign.

I’m looking forward to seeing many more join them and get >80% as workplace vaccinators get up to speed and more people attend the ongoing drop in clinics in Occupational Health.

Check StaffNet for details or email staffhealth@wsht.nhs.uk to book a workplace vaccinator.

Staff Survey

It’s that time of year where we also survey all staff and a couple of weeks ago I challenged teams to match Worthing estates’ 100% staff survey completion. 

The financial management team have joined them with a perfect score – thank you to all of them, as well as dietetics and strategic HR team members who are nearly there as well with scores of 96% and 95%.

If you are yet to have your say, please do take a few moments out to answer the questions as your responses really do help us get better.

More than half of us have completed the survey so far this year and earlier this week we had the great news that our return rate made us the leading acute trust from those using the company Quality Health to carry out the survey in confidence independently from the trust.

Quality Health will be issuing new surveys to colleagues yet to return theirs and did you know you can also answer the questions over the phone by calling them on 0800 783 1775?

Finally this week I would like to congratulate the endoscopy team in Worthing for their well-deserved outstanding JAG assessment, as well as the Southlands Call Centre team who have for the first time ever met their patient experience target. Congratulations all round!


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