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New song and dance routine supports hip recovery patients

Tuesday December 15, 2020

Researchers at Worthing Hospital are starting a research project, called the Hospital to Home (H2H) study, aiming to support patients in their recovery from hip operations with the use of smartwatch (Fitbit) technology.

The project is supported by the whole multi-disciplinary team on Broadwater ward who have introduced singing and music to encourage patients to participate. The ward team manages around 450 hip fracture patients a year with patients on average spending just over two weeks in hospital.

Sadly, many older patients struggle to get going again after a fracture and are at risk of further falls. To help speed their recovery, patients are being provided with a Fitbit and personalised exercise plans and videos to help their rehab.

Nurses, physios and occupational therapists have introduced singing classes on the ward

Chief investigator and intensive care and respiratory consultant, Dr Luke Hodgson, said: “Nurses, physios and occupational therapists have introduced singing classes on the ward and have distance markers on the floor to encourage goals towards rehab.

“Once discharged, patients will be followed-up remotely through a multidisciplinary meeting, who will review their smartwatch data, update their exercise plan and call patients to support them in their recovery at home.”

The study has been supported by Innovate UK.

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