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Passing the CQC test – with flying colours

Wednesday January 29, 2014

The verdict of Care Quality Commission inspectors after their visit to Worthing Hospital?

“Staff across the hospital spoke with pride about their area of work, took ownership of their ward or department and felt involved and engaged with ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients in their care.”

And: “All of the patients that we spoke with were complimentary about the care that they had received at the hospital, and the staff that cared for them.”

And: “Patients experienced care, treatment and support that met their needs and protected their rights.”

And: “Patients told us that there were enough staff to meet with their care needs in a timely way.”

And: “We found that the hospital was clean and that infection control was taken seriously.”

And the verdict of the patients interviewed by the inspectors was no less glowing: “Marvellous”, “gentle”, “caring”, and “fantastic”.

The inspection team visited Worthing’s A&E, children’s ward, and Becket and Broadwater wards, on 10 December 2013.

They talked to both patients and staff from a range of teams, including frontline ward and cleaning staff, infection control specialists, and the Director of Nursing and Patient Safety.

The visit – which was unannounced, giving no time for preparation – was designed to assess how well Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is doing on five particular measures: Respecting and involving people who use services; Care and welfare of people who use services; Cleanliness and infection control; Staffing; Assessing and monitoring the quality of service provision.

“The inspectors turned up unannounced, took a long and hard look at the way patients were being cared for, and concluded that standards were high.”

On all of the measures, Worthing Hospital was found to meeting the necessary standards – just as it was for the last CQC inspection of the hospital, in July 2012.

Chief Executive Marianne Griffiths said: “This report sends a clear message that staff at Worthing Hospital are skilled, caring, committed, and take a real pride in the work they do.

“The inspectors turned up unannounced, took a long and hard look at the way patients were being cared for, and concluded that standards were high.

“Of course we cannot get everything right, every time, but the inspectors found that our staff were well motivated and well informed, and that the Trust was working hard to ensure that they get the support they need to provide high quality care.”

This is the second time in recent months that the Trust, which also runs St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester and Southlands Hospital in Shoreham, has received positive feedback from the CQC.

In October 2013, the watchdog published the national ‘Intelligent Monitoring’ ratings for the first time, placing the Trust in ‘Band 6’ – the top rating, given to NHS organisations deemed most likely to offer safe, high quality care to patients.

In addition, both St Richard’s and Southlands hospitals also received glowing reports from CQC inspectors following the most recent unannounced visits to those sites, both in 2013.

A copy of the latest report into Worthing Hospital is attached to this email, and can also be found on the Care Quality Commission website www.cqc.org.uk

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