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Patient First Improvement System (PFIS) launches in new areas

Monday January 22, 2018

Wave 7 of the trust’s lean management system was launched by chief executive Marianne Griffiths last week in the Kaizen Space in Worthing Hospital. The new teams adopting the Patient First Improvement System (PFIS) are Coombes, Chanctonbury, Endoscopy, Pre-Assessment and the first participants from Women & Children: Gynae Day Unit, Delivery Suite and Bramber.

Over the next four months these teams will attend a series of modules and team days to help them implement PFIS in their areas and adopt new lean management techniques. They will learn about A3 problem solving, testing solutions using a Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) approach, standard work, and process observation, as well as implementing an improvement huddle.

Although not everyone will be attending all the training, all staff in these areas will need to be involved and the teams will be helped to share what they have learned with colleagues so that everyone is engaged in solving problems on a daily basis.

Sarah Atkinson from the Kaizen Team said: “I am really looking forward to supporting wave 7 of PFIS. We have a really engaged and enthusiastic group of staff who are committed to their improvement journey and if previous waves are anything to go by, we will have some fantastic conversations, problem-solving ideas and practical improvements which will improve our patient experience and that of our teams.”

PFIS has already reached over 30 wards and departments, where staff are engaged in improving timeliness of patient observations, falls reductions, friends and family test response rates and theatre start times, as well as thousands of small improvements that make a difference to the experience of our patients or staff each and every day.

To find out more about PFIS, watch the video below

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