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You can keep using this website for information about St Richard’s, Worthing and Southlands hospitals but for our other sites and to find out more about the new trust please visit www.uhsussex.nhs.uk.

Please allow extra time for your journey to St Richard’s Hospital in August

Wednesday July 31, 2019

Installation of a new gas main across Spitalfield Lane in Chichester at the junction of College Lane will take place over night on 6 & 7 August 2019.

The work will be carried out by Southern Gas Networks between the hours of 8pm to 6am under two way lights and there will be some disruption and congestion to traffic during this time. 

From 5 August in Spitalfield Lane there will be progressive lane closures with 3-way traffic lights at hospital entrances/junctions for a possible period of 9 weeks.

Junctions of Spitalfield Lane with Adelaide Road and Melbourne Road will be closed.

Due to  the impact with traffic congestion on Spitalfield Lane, particularly access in/out of the hospital when lights are in operation, SGN has requested that the contractor post extra resource to walk and monitor access and exit from the hospital. Priority will be given at all times to emergency services.

For further information please click here: 24487 College Lane Chichester v3

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