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Thank you to all our wonderful staff who’ve been working in new ways and in new areas

Tuesday February 2, 2021


We want to say a huge public thank you to all our wonderful staff who’ve been working in new ways and in new areas to support each other during the pandemic. Their support has been invaluable and truly amazing. And thank you to everyone who has made new colleagues feel so welcome.

Here are some of their stories.

Today, we say #ThankYouForYourSupport to the ‘St Richard’s Good Samaritan’ who saw a staff member’s car had a flat tyre and pumped it up for them while they were at work.
Miss H, said: “I was parked in the car park and didn’t know that over the course of the day my tyre deflated and was completely flat. When I returned after work, some incredible person had pumped it up and left a note. I’d been seconded to the Covid-19 critical care ward and had worked a particularly hard shift, so was very moved when I came back to this note. I cannot put into words how grateful I am for their small act of kindness. So if they’re reading this then, ‘thank you’!”


Today we say #ThankYouForYourSupport to the Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD), who’ve been supporting colleagues in A&E at St Richard’s hospital, with rapid 90-minute Covid-19 testing.


Today, Sharon Dormer and Louise Goodall say #ThankYouForYourSupport to everyone in the Practice Development team, who quickly adopted new ways of working throughout the pandemic to ensure that staff remained supported in their education and training.


Today we say #ThankYouForYourSupport to everyone involved in the safe and efficient discharge of patients from our hospitals, who have been working under unprecedented pressures over the winter months.


Today, Deborah Dykes, Clinical Specialist Respiratory Physiotherapist at St Richard’s hospital, shares her reflections and says #ThankYouForYourSupport to everyone who supported them in Covid-19 critical care.


Today, Julie Walsh, Sister for Outpatients at St Richard’s hospital, wants to say #ThankYouForYourSupport to her team, who have been working in new ways to support colleagues across the Trust.

#ThankYouForYourSupport to everyone involved in ensuring the ongoing success of the Covid-19 vaccination programme. Here is a ‘Thank You’ message from Zilla Howard, Programme Lead for Covid-19 Vaccinations and Acting Director of Operations (Women & Children)

#ThankYouForYourSupport to everyone working in our emergency departments. Here, Odette Dicke (Dietitian) and Sian Sokota (Virtual Fracture Clinic Lead) share their experiences of being transferred to support colleagues in A&E.


#ThankYouForYourSupport to everyone working in our pharmacy departments. Here, Lauren Holdaway (Higher Level Audiology Assistant) shares her reflections of being redeployed to support colleagues in Pharmacy.


#ThankYouForYourSupport to the ‘Dad’s Army’ of retired doctors including Mike Rymer, Johann Willers, Shaun Anderson, Ralph Beard and Nick Lavies who supported the Worthing Covid-19 Vaccine Hub. And a special thank you to Dr Richard Venn for getting the team together.


#ThankYouForYourSupport to physios Damien Jenkins and Verity Wakeling, who have been supporting the inpatient physiotherapy team for the last month.

#ThankYouForYourSupport to pelvic health physiotherapists, Bella d’Almeida and Andrea Yeboah, who have been providing vital Fit Mask Testing clinics, ensuring colleagues stay safe on Covid wards.


#ThankYouForYourSupport to Stuart who joins us from NHS England and Improvement South East region, where he usually works as an implementation manager on the ‘Getting it right first time’ clinical improvement programme.


#ThankYouForYourSupport to heads of nursing Trish Rigby and Fiona Keeling who’ve supported literally thousands of colleagues often in difficult circumstances by leading our indispensable Covid Workforce Hub seven days a week for a year now on top of usual jobs!

#ThankYouForYourSupport to Jiffrey Sudario, healthcare assistant on the enhanced surgical care unit at Worthing hospital, who has been supporting colleagues in intensive care.

#ThankYouForYourSupport to consultant paediatrician, Dr Asma Shah, one of the many doctors, nurses, midwives and health care assistants from our Women and Children services who’ve provided hundreds and hundreds of hours of support to their colleagues at Western Sussex Hospitals during the pandemic.


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