Western Sussex Hospitals have joined up with Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals to form a new NHS Foundation Trust for our area: University Hospitals Sussex.

You can keep using this website for information about St Richard’s, Worthing and Southlands hospitals but for our other sites and to find out more about the new trust please visit www.uhsussex.nhs.uk.

Trust website gets more user-friendly

Monday July 29, 2019

A new tool called ReciteMe means content on the Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust website can now be enlarged, translated, or read aloud.

By clicking on the ‘accessibility tools’ icon located in the bottom right-hand-corner of the screen, anyone can customise the trust’s website to make it work better for them.

The award-winning software includes text-to-speech functionality, dyslexia software, an interactive dictionary, a translation tool with more than 100 languages, as well as many other features.

Worthing Hospital domestic supervisor Donato Cacciacarro (pictured), who is from Italy, loves it!

He said: “ReciteMe is really good. I can translate text just by highlighting it or, if I don’t understand something in English, I can use the dictionary button.”

It is estimated that one in five people using websites cannot access content easily. They might need to adjust the colour contrast settings, make the fonts larger or use rulers to follow the text.

With ReciteMe, all these changes are just a click away. The trust’s public website is used by more than 40,000 people every month.

HR director Jennie Shore said: “ReciteMe is an extremely useful tool which helps us to be a more inclusive organisation.

“We hope staff find it very useful and that more of our patients and the public can enjoy improved access to our website.”

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