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First ever student nurse graduation ceremony

Monday November 12, 2018

There were smiles all round and even a few tears as 23 student nurses received their ‘Western Sussex’ badges and certificates at the organisation’s first ever student nurse graduation on Thursday 2 November.

Hosted by the Practice Development team, the newly-qualified nurses from the University of Sussex, University of Surrey and the Open University, were commended by Western Sussex Hospitals’ nursing director Maggie Davies, who also shared some advice with the group.

I have enjoyed my time as a student and being a registered nurse is something that I am greatly looking forward to.

In her speech, Maggie said to the newly-qualified nurses: “Look for kindness in yourself and in your team and if you find that, you know that your patients are well looked after.

“You have all been on an amazing journey to get to this point. Enjoy the next chapter, make sure that you look after yourself, look after those around you and keep on learning.”

One-by-one the students were applauded as they were presented with their graduation certificates and badges.

The ceremony was organised especially for student nurses and midwives who have completed their training at Worthing, St Richard’s and Southlands.

McDonell Capapas, who is joining the Wittering ward team at St Richard’s, said: “Listening to the speeches and finally getting my badge makes me so excited to get to work.

I have enjoyed my time as a student and being a registered nurse is something that I am greatly looking forward to.”

Head of practice development education nursing & midwifery, Tricia Rigby, added: “I am so proud of these students. The work and the effort that they have all put in has been outstanding and they really deserve this evening.

“I and all of the Practice Development team wish them all the best as they enter the next chapter of their careers.”

As soon as a group of students began their journey as registered nurses, a new cohort started their own adventure shortly after.

Nearly 25 student nurses from the University of Brighton will start their placements across St Richard’s, Worthing and Southlands at the end of November.

Practice development nurse, Maxine Hacker, said: “It’s great to welcome our lovely new student nurses to the trust and we certainly hope they enjoy their time with us.

“They are all really hard-working and enthusiastic students who will be a pleasure to work alongside.”


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