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World-class MRI coming to St Richard’s

Monday January 18, 2021

A £1.79 million investment has been approved to replace the 16 year old MRI scanner at St Richard’s with a new state-of-the-art model from Siemens called the Magnetom Sola.

Superintendent radiographer Bill Hallett said: “The new machine is absolutely brilliant news for patients. We’re jumping from a second generation MRI to fourth generation model that provides much better patient experience. It is virtually silent, more comfortable, less claustrophobic and a lot quicker.”

It is virtually silent, more comfortable, less claustrophobic and a lot quicker

The quality of images is also much better, enabling the machine to be used for a wider range of applications.

MRI is an essential diagnostic tool for supporting clinical decision-making across several specialities from cancer to A&E.

St Richard’s delivered almost 12,000 MRI scans last year, with 16% supporting patients on A&E, inpatient and non-elective pathways.

Every year, the trust’s two installed MRI machines deliver more than 27,500 scans. The machine at Worthing hospital was upgraded two years ago.

The replacement works at St Richard’s are scheduled to run until April 2021. A mobile MRI scanner, situated in the A&E ambulance bay, will be used while the works are ongoing.

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