General surgery

The private surgical services and treatments we offer across our hospital sites are wide ranging and include options for both planned and unplanned (emergency) procedures.

Whilst offering general surgical procedures most of our surgeons have a specialist interest, an area in which they have developed particular skill and expertise; these include

  • Breast – assessment and investigation for patients with breast symptoms, including surgery to treat breast cancers,
  • Colorectal – assessment, investigation and surgery for diseases of the colon, rectum and anal canal, including surgery to treat cancers.
  • Upper Gastrointestinal – assessment, investigation and surgery for diseases affecting the liver, oesophagus and stomach. This also covers obesity surgery (see our bariatric treatment options).

Wherever possible our surgeons carry out operations using minimally invasive techniques that offer patients less pain, better outcomes and shorter postoperative recovery time.

St Richard’s consultants

Mr Neil Cripps – Colorectal Surgery

Mr Richard Bowyer – Breast Surgeon

Mr Olubunmi Odofin – Breast Consultant

Mr Guy Harris, Miss Angela Skull and Mr Bruce Levy have their own website, which includes their personal profiles and information for patients:

They specialise in the investigation and treatment of hernias, colorectal procedures and upper gastrointestinal surgery using the most up-to-date and established techniques.

Worthing consultants

Mr Mirza Baig – Colorectal Surgery 

Mr Malcolm McFall – Colorectal Surgery

Mr Parv Sains – Colorectal Surgery

Mr Mazin Sayegh – Upper Gastro Intestinal Surgery

Mr Riccardo Bonomi – Breast Surgeon

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