Western Sussex Hospitals have joined up with Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals to form a new NHS Foundation Trust for our area: University Hospitals Sussex.

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Medical imaging

In many cases, the key to ensuring patients make a swift and full recovery is early diagnosis. State of the art digital imaging and diagnosis equipment helps us to provide the best possible care for all our patients.

Private patients at St Richard’s Hospital and Worthing Hospital benefit from a full range of up-to-date diagnostic equipment including:

CT scanners

CT scanners help us diagnose heart disease and strokes within minutes.

Our state-of-the-art 320-slice CT scanner comes recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) and is considered to be the most accurate, fastest and safest CT scanner available.

This CT scanner is fast enough to image the entire heart in less than a heartbeat, providing safe and accurate imaging of patients with heart arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat).

MRI scanners

MRI scans use a combination of magnets and radiowaves to capture detailed images from inside your body.

These images can be used to diagnose all kinds of problems, from the causes of joint pain to identifying tumours.

Interventional radiology suite

Both St Richards’and Worthing operate  state-of-the-art Phillips Interventional Radiology Suites. The Interventional Radiologists use digital imaging to see inside you while performing treatment or exploratory procedures. 

Many conditions that once required surgery can now be treated non-surgically by Interventional Radiologists, using needles and catheters instead of requiring large incisions.

Using this technology keeps the impact on your body to a minimum, helping to speed your recovery and reduce your time in hospital.

Digital x-ray rooms

Our digital X-ray rooms allow us to perform a wide variety of general radiographic exams with remarkable patient comfort.

Nuclear imaging

Nuclear imaging enables us to see how your body is working and which cells are drawing the most energy.

It also gives us information about blood-flow to tissues and chemical reactions in the body. This helps us to locate tumor cells.

The process uses very low doses of radioactive substances, which we are able to trace by scanning you from the outside.

Perfusion scanning

Perfusion is the passage of fluid through the lymphatic system or blood vessels to an organ or a tissue.

Using a small amount of a radioactive chemical enables us to see how well blood flows to the muscles of your heart, which, in turn, helps your doctors make quicker, more accurate decisions on your treatment.

Additional imaging

In addition to these specialist areas, we also provide digital mammograms and x-rays, ultrasound and specialist imaging of the spine and bowel.

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