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The cardiac rehabilitation programme

The cardiac rehabilitation programme helps you at every step of your recovery.

Support when you leave hospital

A cardiac nurse specialist will telephone you soon after you have been discharged from hospital and discuss your recovery and ongoing care.

They will give you advice and try to answer any questions you may have. As your case manager, they will provide you with clinical follow-up, including your individual cardiac risk factor management, and review your medicines and symptoms.


We offer structured exercise programmes supported by cardiac exercise specialists. In some circumstances, a home programme supported by our exercise specialists may be more appropriate than classes.

These exercise programmes will help you gain confidence, become fitter, and learn how to exercise safely.

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Information sessions

Information talks are held regularly. They are open to all cardiac patients and you are welcome to bring family and friends.

The sessions are led by members of the cardiac rehabilitation team and cover aspects relating to your heart event and recovery.

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Stress and anxiety

It is not unusual to feel anxious or low in mood following a heart event. However, most people start to feel better as time passes. Once they get back into their usual routine, the anxiety may start to reduce. Help is available for those who require more support.

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Relaxation helps reduce the effects of stress and is an important part of the programme. To be effective, exercise class-based relaxation needs to be complemented by regular practice at home, either by using a CD or digital audio.

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We will liaise with your GP surgery as appropriate about your long term needs for monitoring and prevention.


We have a closed Facebook group for current and ex-patients, rehab staff and volunteers only, which provides further support and information videos. We will give you more information about how to join when we speak to you.


At the end of the programme you may be asked to complete a satisfaction questionnaire. This is voluntary and anonymous and provides us with feedback to use in improving our service.

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