Western Sussex Hospitals have joined up with Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals to form a new NHS Foundation Trust for our area: University Hospitals Sussex.

You can keep using this website for information about St Richard’s, Worthing and Southlands hospitals but for our other sites and to find out more about the new trust please visit www.uhsussex.nhs.uk.

Information sessions

Our education and information sessions cover five important topics that will support your recovery.



We have recorded several patient education sessions to give you more information about your heart and how to help yourself

Healthy eating

Information on a heart-healthy diet, tips on losing weight and food labelling.

Benefits of exercise

General advice on what exercise to do and how to do it safely.

Understanding your heart

How the heart works, what can go wrong, what treatments are available and what all the tests mean.

Medicines for the heart

An explanation of what the cardiac pills are for, why it is important to take them and what the side effects can be.

How to look after your heart in the long term

What you can do to help keep your heart healthy, the common risk factors (e.g. blood pressure, cholesterol etc) and what warnings signs you should let your GP know about to trigger a referral back to Cardiology.

You can watch these videos here


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