How visitors can help

Reducing the risk of infection for patients is everybody’s responsibility.

Here are a few tips visitors can follow to help keep our patients safe.

  • Wash your hands if they are visibly dirty
  • Clean your hands using the alcohol gel dispensers available as you enter the hospital and as you enter or leave any wards – and please let staff know if a dispenser is running out
  • Please don’t sit on patients’ beds as your clothes could be contaminated
  • Remind staff if they haven’t washed or cleaned their hands – they won’t mind 
  • If you see any spillages or dirt, please tell the ward staff
  • Ask a member of staff if you are worried or concerned about anything – we will do our best to answer your questions

Alcohol hand gel

To use the alcohol hand gel dispensers, press the plunger in front of the dispenser once.

Massage the alcohol rub over visibly clean hands until dry.

If your hands are visibly dirty, please wash them with soap and warm water.

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