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Hypnobirthing – Antenatal birth preparation courses

What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is an established and well-recognised antenatal birth preparation programme that uses the power of positive language to combine easy-to-learn methods of deep relaxation, breathing techniques, visualisation and affirmative positive thinking, which reduces anxiety, stress, fatigue, fear and pain to help achieve a calm and gentle birth. 

Our local hypnobirthing classes provide a very practical antenatal birth preparation course that explains how, with the support of an informed birth partner, the labouring woman can use these relaxation and breathing methods so that the mind and body can work together to achieve a calm birth.

The course covers relaxation techniques, breathing, explanation about labour and what affects the hormones of labour, active birth and massage which aims to help couples to work together to achieve the best experience for them and their baby. 

The relaxation methods used on the course can also be applied to aspects of everyday life to help achieve a calm approach in any challenging situation. 

For more information on hypnobirthing courses available at Worthing and St Richard’s Hospitals, or information on weekend courses, please contact 07880 734456 for the St Richard’s Team or 07899 995108 for the Worthing Team.

What is involved?

Our local courses consist of four sessions of 2 ½ hrs each.

During these, you will be taught the relaxation techniques and breathing exercises for hypnobirthing, together with an active birth class and information about your body and birth.

The courses will be provided by experienced midwives who are all trained and qualified hypnobirthing practitioners.

When should I attend?

The ideal time to start a course is between weeks 29-32 of your pregnancy, and it is best to book in for your course before 25 weeks.

Course costs

Our local courses cost £180 per couple, which includes four classes (2 ½ hrs per class) and the hypnobirthing course material, including a book and CD to help you practice at home.

It also includes light refreshments, such as tea and coffee, during the course.

How to book and pay

To book onto the course, please telephone:

  • 07880 734456 for the St Richard’s Team or
  • 07899 995108 for the Worthing Team (Monday to Friday, 8-4).

You will need to provide some basic information such as contact details (telephone number, address for pre-course information etc), your hospital number and how many weeks pregnant you are.

You will be asked to pay at the time of booking to reserve your place. You can pay in a number of ways, including credit/debit card or BACS transfer.

The hypnobirthing course is booked and paid for as a package, meaning we are not able to refund you for any sessions you cannot attend.

However, if you have to miss a session for pregnancy-related reasons, please contact us on the relevant number above and it may be possible to refund some of the cost.

Courses are provided in a range of venues and dates according to demand in the Worthing or Chichester areas. It may therefore sometimes be necessary to amend course dates or venues accordingly.

However, it also means that, if one of our courses is already full, we may be able to offer you an alternative to attend instead.

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