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What is pulmonary rehabilitation?

Our pulmonary rehabilitation programme is for people with breathlessness related to a chronic lung condition.

The pulmonary rehabilitation programme at St Richard’s Hospital involves a seven-week course of exercise and education designed to help people with lung disease to function at their highest capacity and to slow down the progression of their disease.

Through supervised and home exercise programmes, the course aims to improve fitness and is designed to be individually tailored to the needs of each patient.

Age or severity of your condition should not stop you taking part in the PR programme or from seeing an improvement.

Education sessions run by members of the multidisciplinary team are also included. These aim to give information and advice to help patients cope better with their breathing problems and help themselves.

Why is exercise important for people with a lung condition?

Being active and exercising regularly is beneficial for almost everyone, but especially so if you have a lung condition. It can help improve your breathing, fitness and overall quality of life.

Other benefits include

  • improved muscle strength
  • Improved ability to fight infections
  • Improved sleep quality, and
  • Improved fitness and endurance.

What if I need some help but don’t want to attend the classes?

St Richard’s Hospital also runs an outpatient respiratory physiotherapy service where people can be seen on a 1:1 basis to get advice on managing a respiratory condition and on exercising safely at home.

Referrals for this are separate and should be made by your hospital consultant or discussed with your GP.

You can also use a series of videos produced by the British Lung Foundation.

The videos have been designed specially for people living with a long-term lung condition and you can find them at www.blf.org.uk/support-for-you/keep-active/exercise-video

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