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Plans and strategies

As an NHS Foundation Trust, Western Sussex Hospitals benefit from a range of freedoms from central control that are not available to other, non-FT health service organisations.

On a practical level that means we:

  • Are free to decide how to meet the needs of our community
  • Are accountable to local people, who can join us as members and governors
  • Are authorised and overseen by NHSI, the independent regulator for NHS Foundation Trusts

As a Foundation Trust we are required to follow an annual planning and reporting cycle, and develop both a two-year operational plan and a five-year strategic plan.

  • The Operational Plan sets out our immediate objectives as an organisation and identifies the levels of activity, the type of facilities and the bed and staffing numbers required to achieve these.
  • WSHT Operational plan – Public facing version

  • The Strategic Plan states our longer-term term ambitions to improve standards of care and ensure a sustainable future for our hospitals in clinical and financial terms.

Copies of these plans are available to read or download at the foot of this page.

We report on how we are doing in achieving their aims in the performance section of this website.

Sustainability and Transformation Plan

The trust is a member of the Sussex and East Surrey Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP), which is developing plans to provide better connected, higher quality and more efficient health and care services in the region. 

You can read more about the progress of these plans here:


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