Trust Board


Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is managed by a Board of Directors comprising a Chairman, Executive Directors and Non-Executive Directors.

  • The Chairman and Non-Executive Directors are appointed by the Trust’s Council of Governors
  • The Chief Executive is appointed by the Chairman and Non-Executive Directors
  • The other Executive Directors are appointed by the Chairman, Non-Executive Directors and the Chief Executive

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Non-Executive Director – Audit Committee Chair

We are recruiting a Non-executive Director for Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. This is an exceptional opportunity to share your talents and expertise to make a positive difference to the lives of people in our community.


Trust Board meetings

The Trust Board meets regularly throughout the year at both St Richard’s Hospital and Worthing Hospital:

  • Meetings at St Richard’s Hospital are held in the Bateman Room in the Chichester Medical Education Centre (ground floor).
  • Meetings at Worthing Hospital are held in John Bull Conference Room in the Worthing Health Education Centre (ground floor).

Board meetings begin at 10am.

Members of the public are very welcome to attend and questions of a non-personal nature are taken at the end of the session.

Meeting agendas and associated papers are available to download at the foot of this page. For papers from earlier meetings, please email the Corporate Governance Team on


The following reports are presented to the public Trust Board meeting on a quarterly, biannual and annual basis:


  • Chief Executive’s Report
  • Patient First Metrics Report
  • Quality Report
  • Performance Report
  • Organisational Development and Workforce Report
  • Financial Performance Report
  • Improvement Initiative Report
  • Use of Trust Seal
  • Monitor Self Assessment
  • Learning From Deaths
  • Patient Experience Report


  • Nursing Staffing Capacity Report


  • Adult Safeguarding Annual Report
  • Children’s Safeguarding Annual Report
  • Medical Appraisal and Revalidation Annual Report
  • Organ Donation Annual Report
  • Quality Strategy and Quality Report Update
  • Declaration of Interest Process and Fit and Proper Person Update
  • Annual Governance Statement
  • Annual Clinical Audit Report
  • Annual Equality and Diversity Performance Report
  • Health and Safety Annual Report
  • Trust Constitution – Approval
  • Annual Security Report
  • Operational Plan
  • Emergency Preparedness and Resilience and Response Assurance Documentation
  • Volunteer Strategy Update
  • Patient Experience Strategy 

The Trust’s Annual Report and Annual Accounts are presented to the Board at the Annual General Meeting .

Forthcoming Trust Board public meeting dates

The Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Board is scheduled to meet on the following forthcoming dates:


Date Time Venue Hospital Site
  Please note the revised time and location of this meeting
30th January 2020 10.00 – 1.00

Bateman Room, Chichester Medical Education Centre

St Richard’s Hospital 
26th March 2020 10.30 – 1.30 Bateman Room, Chichester Medical Education Centre St Richard’s Hospital


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