Work experience

Work experience is required for many educational courses and is also vital to support applications for university.

The work experience programme at Western Sussex Hospitals allows local students to gain a first-hand insight into the NHS.

Our work experience offers valuable experience in a variety of different departments around the hospital such as physiotherapy,  ICT, dietetics and lots more.  

Please note: To secure a work experience placement you have to be in some form of education. 


Please note: This programme is NOT for those interested in applying for medicine. It does include departments such as physiotherapy, medical imaging, dietetics, occupational therapy, nursing etc..


Year 10 Work Experience

Please note that all applications are closed for 2018/19 work experience. If you have any questions, please contact 


Work Experience For 16 + 

You are eligible for this work experience if you are 

  • in some form of education
  • aged over 16 (or 17 and a half for placements in clinical settings such as the wards)
  • live in the trust catchment area

Please do not apply if you do not meet the requirements.

How to apply

For an application form, please email Tara Moynihan, Work Experience Coordinator

Please note that filling out an application form does not guarantee you a placement. All placements are subject to an ID check and completion of a Self Declaration Form. 

If you are a parent, please ensure that it is your daughter/son who contacts the Work Experience Coordinator. 

For all work experience enquiries, please contact or call 01243 788122 ext 33156


This is work experience for students of 16-18 who are applying for medicine and plan to become a doctor. 

We offer work experience placements for students taking  AS or A-Levels who have a genuine interest in studying medicine at university.

We offer a 2-3 day programme, working in the department of the candidate’s choice – but, due to high demand, we do prioritise applicants from our catchment area. 

How to apply

Select the appropriate application form for work experience below and email the completed form to

Please contact Vanisha Marooday, Undergraduate Manager at or call 01243 788122 x32822 (Chichester) or 01903 205111 x84961 (Worthing) for any queries regarding medical work experience. 

Application Forms for Prospective Medicine Students:


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