Nursing Open and Selection Days

Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust will be holding Nursing Open and Selection Days throughout 2018:

St Richard’s Hospital

  • Wednesday 18 July, 9.00 am, Chichester Medical Education Centre (CMEC)
  • September and November dates TBC

Worthing Hospital

  • Wednesday 29 August, 9.00 am, Homefield
  • Wednesday 31 October, 9.00 am, Homefield
  • Tuesday 18 December, 9.00 am, Homefield

To attend an open day, you will need to apply in advance: click on the following link to go to our nursing vacancies page and select the next available event you want to come to:

Once you have applied online, you will be able to come along to one of the open days and:

  • meet the senior nursing team,
  • discuss the opportunities available to you,
  • have an interview and assessments, and hopefully
  • leave with a job offer and a start date.

You can watch the video below from the BBC’s Inside Out programme to see how the open days work and what’s on offer here.

You can watch more videos like this on our WSHFT YouTube channel

Whether you are newly qualified, experienced, or looking to return to nursing, the Trust is confident all nurses interested in a new role could find a rewarding position with the organisation.

Those new to nursing will benefit from a highly-regarded year-long education/preceptorship programme and have the option to work across many specialties on the Trust’s rotational programme.

So view our available positions now, apply online – and we will see you at our next open day!

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