Acute Medicine – Clinical work and support

Acute medicine at St Richard’s Hospital is based in the new and innovative Emergency Floor – a 55 bed unit alongside a busy Ambulatory Care Area which oversees the admission of both acute medical and surgical patients. As a CMT doctor your job is to review medical inpatients already seen by consultants, as well as keeping pace with the busy acute take, working in a team of 5 FY2+ doctors of varying grades.

You will see and ‘clerk in’ a wide variety of new patients referred to the Emergency Floor and Ambulatory Unit from both Emergency Department and General Practice. We run an unselected medical take which gives a huge range of learning opportunities, not only in terms of honing diagnostic skills, but also clinical management and selection of appropriate immediate investigations.

You are well supported on the EF with a team of 7 consultants who will review your patients with you and are present on the Emergency Floor until 8pm at night to provide you with senior input and advice when needed.


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