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Anaesthetics – Clinical work and support

Each trainee is allocated an Educational Supervisor who will be responsible for the training provided including the setting up of educational agreements, regular appraisals and the structured Educational Supervisors report at the end of the attachment. In addition to the normal activities of a District General Hospital, we have three surgeons with a special interest in bariatric surgery, a busy orthopaedic dept performing in excess of 1200 joint replacements per year, acute and chronic pain service, gynaecology, urology, and general surgery. Inevitably, with the shift system you will be required to do short blocks of nights and long days. However, we can provide accommodation in Chichester when off duty if required.

The majority of the work will be at St Richard’s hospital, Chichester, however there may be opportunities in the future to work occasionally at Worthing Hospital depending on the training requirements of the trainee.

Intensive Care Medicine

We have a fully staffed 10-bedded Critical Care Unit, which is recognised for training, with a throughput of over 450 patients a year.  We also have an attached 4-bedded High Dependency Unit.  All sessions during the week are covered by consultants with a special interest in Intensive Care.  We have a wide variety of complex cases coming through the Unit.  There is a regular weekly teaching programme for Intensive Care Medicine for trainees at every level.

General Surgery, Gynaecology and Urology

We have three Upper GI surgeons, four Colorectal surgeons, five Gynaecologists and four Urologists. This provides a wide variety of complex cases including major colorectal surgery, cystectomies and radical prostatectomies. We provide an excellent module in these specialties.

Day Surgery

A Diagnosis and Treatment Centre, owned and run by the Trust, opened in April 2005. This contains an additional 4 operating theatres, an Angiography suite, and four endoscopy rooms, in addition to outpatient and same-day diagnostic facilities.  A newly refurbished Day Surgical facility reopened in the summer of 2010. We also provide anaesthetic services for a special unit for the dental treatment of mentally and physically handicapped patients. 


We have a medium sized Obstetric Unit, which has a delivery rate of approximately 2,700 per year. We have five regular consultant led elective section sessions per week and provide the normal services for obstetrics including the use of low motor block epidurals. The consultant sessions will be increased to 10 sessions per week.

Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery

We have eight Orthopaedic surgeons and provide the normal services you would find in a district general hospital for orthopaedics with many trauma and elective lists, and many opportunities to being able to improve one’s regional skills. The hospital has an enhanced recovery programme for orthopaedics and performs in excess of 1200 joint replacements per year.

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