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Core Surgery – Shift practice and rota

A partially integrated full shift rota is worked between Surgery and Orthopaedics with a system of internal cover for annual and study leave. I.e. Trainees cover on call for their own specialty during the day (general surgery and urology cross cover when on call) but at night cross cover all surgical and orthopaedic admissions and ward patients.

Duties consist of ward care and on call for General Surgery/Urology and/or Trauma.

  • Long day (0800-2100) Monday –Tuesday 1 in 9
  • Long day (0800-2100) Wednesday – Thursday 1 in 9
  • Night shift (2030-0830) Monday – Thursday 1 in 9
  • Night shift (2030-0830) Friday/Saturday/Sunday 1 in 9

Compensatory days off are allocated to make the rota EWTD compliant

Consultants often do ward rounds throughout the day particularly during their on call week. All Juniors are expected to help with ward admin following the ward round including discharge summaries, submitting theatre lists, pre-operative preparation of lists etc. As a relatively small and close knit department, there is also an expectation to cross cover other teams for leave, lieu days etc.

Core Trainees are expected to support the FY doctors.

The work pattern and intensity of the rota for all specialties is regularly monitored to ensure compliance with the new junior doctors contract and EWTD guidance. We are looking to reduce the on call intensity further with the help of Surgical Care Practitioners in line with the Improving Surgical Training initiative of the Royal College of Surgeons.

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