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OMFS – Clinical work and support

A review of the OMFS (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery) referral base showed it to receive:

  • 50% from General Dental Practitioners
  • 40% from General Medical Practitioners
  • 10% from other hospital Specialties – these particularly are Dermatology, Haematology, A and E, General Surgery, reflecting the practice of the department.

At Chichester ENT is provided by an outreach from Portsmouth, carrying out clinics only; all patients requiring surgery are admitted to Portsmouth.
At Worthing, ENT is covered from Brighton but in addition to clinics, operating lists – including overnight stays with On-call junior staff – is performed.

There is a limited Plastic Surgery presence in Chichester – 1 Day Case list and 1 clinic per week and no presence at Worthing/Southlands.

At Chichester, therefore, there is a weekly 2-Week Rule clinic which receives referrals from GDPs and GPs, including Neck lumps. In addition other 2 week referrals are seen on all other clinics as necessary. In Worthing, 2-Week Rule referrals are seen on all Consultant clinics. There are no clinics or operating lists specifically assigned to the SpRs; all routinely would have a Consultant presence, except when the Consultant is away on Annual or Study/Professional Leave.

Duties include attendance at ward rounds, operating lists and general out-patient clinics and the responsibility for all Maxillofacial patients on the wards.  There will routinely be a Consultant Ward round every day; in addition the SpR is expected to lead an evening ward round, which may also have a Consultant present.


The 2 SpRs will attend all “major” Consultant operating lists. It is expected that the SpR will have read up in advance of any lists being attended.

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