Western Sussex Hospitals have joined up with Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals to form a new NHS Foundation Trust for our area: University Hospitals Sussex.

You can keep using this website for information about St Richard’s, Worthing and Southlands hospitals but for our other sites and to find out more about the new trust please visit www.uhsussex.nhs.uk.

OMFS – Educational opportunities

Both St. Richard’s Hospital and Worthing Hospital have a long tradition of high quality postgraduate education.

There are excellent and active Medical Education Centres at both Chichester and Worthing supported by a comprehensive library with full facilities for on-line computer searching of research literature. A wide variety of courses, tutorials and seminars with local and visiting speakers are organised by the Director of Medical Education, for clinical staff of all disciplines.

Both St. Richard’s Hospital and Worthing are recognised for undergraduate teaching by the Universities of London, Southampton and Brighton.  A large number of undergraduate medical students are placed each year and are accommodated in the Medical Student Centre within purpose built residential accommodation. Dental Students also come from KGT.


More information can be found on the CMEC website

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