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EM – Clinical work and support

The department sees a wide range of patients with many varied presentations; a significant number are children and infants, and we also see a large proportion of elderly patients due to the local demographics. In the summer months our local population increases significantly due to the holiday influx, which has its own challenges. As a Major Trauma Unit we see a moderate trauma volume, with motor racing at Goodwood Aerodrome and horse racing at Goodwood adding to this workload seasonally.

Specialty support at the hospital includes Maxillofacial Surgery and Stroke Thrombolysis – PCI for STEMI is carried out at Portsmouth and major trauma is transferred to Southampton General. Also onsite is a full maternity service, paediatrics, trauma and orthopaedics, general surgery, urology and bariatrics. Specialty medicine includes gastroenterology with an acute bleed rota, endocrinology and neurology. There is a hyperbaric chamber which receives patients from all over the south coast.

Working alongside doctors in the A+E are our team of ENPs, who supervise our Minors stream and provide advice to the junior doctor tier. We also have GPs working in the department, primarily for admission avoidance in the complex elderly patients, but also for primary care attendances as required.

There is middle grade presence 24/7, and consultants working clinically from 08:00-22:00 every day, which will extend as we increase our consultant numbers, eventually to 10 WTE. There is always a consultant oncall for advice and support

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