Endocrinology and Diabetes – Clinical work and support

The Trainee will be actively involved on a daily basis in the management of patients with acute medical problems and diabetes and endocrinology emergencies.

The trainee will gain experience with regular outpatient commitments in endocrinology and diabetes and will have opportunity to attend subspecialty diabetes clinics such as Young Person Clinics, Antenatal clinics, Foot clinics, Community Nurse clinics. We encourage all our trainees to attend our Endocrine Radiology meetings, Parathyroid MDTs, Bio-chemistry MDTs. There are weekly Tier 4 Bariatric clinics with the full MDT.

The trainee will work closely with the Diabetes Multidisciplinary team and Higher Trainees will be encouraged to gain experience in patient and staff education in the specialty such as Type 1 diabetes education, insulin pump starts, Carbohydrate awareness courses. We encourage the use of technology in the management of Type 1 diabetes such as Flash Glucose monitors.

Trainees are expected to undertake audit work and encouraged to present at National meetings.


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