General Surgery – Shift practice and rota

The clinical team is headed by eight consultant surgeons who participate on the emergency on call rota with CEPOD theatres open 24/7. The full team consists of:

  • Miss A Skull – Colorectal Surgery (Clinical Lead for General Surgery)
  • Mr N Cripps – Colorectal Surgery (Clinical Lead for Endoscopy)
  • Mr G Harris – Colorectal Surgery
  • Mr B Levy – Colorectal Surgery
  • Mr M Mobasheri – Colorectal Surgery
  • Mr W Hawkins – Bariatric and Upper GI Surgery (College Tutor)
  • Mr C Pring – Bariatric and Upper GI Surgery
  • Mr G Slater – Bariatric and Upper GI Surgery
  • Mr R Bowyer – Upper GI and Breast Surgery
  • Mr D Allen – General Surgery
  • Mr G Sutton – General Surgery
  • Mr I Maheswaran – Visiting consultant in Bariatric Surgery
  • Mr M Mlotshwa – Visiting consultant in Bariatric Surgery
  • Mr S Dutta – Associate Specialist in Colorectal Surgery


  • 5 Specialty Trainees from the KSS deanery
  • 1 Bariatric surgery RCS senior clinical fellow
  • 1 Colorectal surgery RCS senior clinical fellow
  • 2 Core trainees (1 General Surgery, 1 Urology)
  • 1 GP trainee
  • 1 Research fellow
  • 2 Trust grades
  • 2 FY2s
  • 3 FY1s

At SHO level there is a combined on call rota with Urology and Trauma & Orthopaedics.


  • Ward based doctors or acute care doctors helping the admitting FY2/CT from 0800-1700.
  • Long day (0800-2100) Fri/sat/sun 1 in 10
  • Sat/Sun weekend 0800-1500 1 in 10.
  • Mon/Tues or Wed/Thurs long day shifts 1 in 10.
  • These long day shifts after 1700 are ward cover duties for all surgical patients.
  • Compensatory days off are allocated to make the rota EWTD compliant

SHO’s (CT, GPST, F2, TG, Research fellow)

  • Duties consist of ward care and on call for General Surgery, Urology and/or Trauma & Orthopaedics.
  • The tiers of on call include:
    • Long day (0800-2100)
    • Twilight (1100-2300)
    • Night shift (2000-0830)
  • Day shifts are arranged in blocks of Monday/Tuesday, Wednesday/Thursday or Friday to Sunday with other shifts arranged as Monday to Thursday or Friday to Sunday. They are all resident on call
  • The rotas are constantly under review with plans to reduce the frequency of on call commitment in line with Improving Surgical Training.
  • Compensatory days off are allocated to make the rota compliant with the new doctors contract

Higher Surgical trainees

  • We have five higher surgical trainees from the KSS deanery
  • These five run the daytime on call (0800 – 1700) in a registrar of the week system
  • Weekend and night time on calls are non-resident 1 in 8, with the Surgical Fellows and SAS grade completing the rota
  • Bank holidays are treated like a weekend, with each member of the team working one bank holiday per year

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