Doctors in training

Obstetrics and gynaecology

The O&G programme at St Richard’s Hospital aims to produce high-quality obstetricians and gynaecologists with the broad range of skills that will enable them to practise as consultants in the United Kingdom.

The O&G curriculum is competency-based and leads to the Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT).

You will be supported during your time at St Richard’s by your programme lead, an allocated educational supervisor and clinical supervisors, all of whom will give you regular feedback about your progress.

You should never be in any doubt about your progress and what you can do to improve this.

Progress during training is established by review of your logbook and the signing off of the 20 modules when completed (where appropriate), by observation, direct supervision, independent practice and attendance at training courses, and completion of Advanced Training Skills Modules (ATSMs) where appropriate.

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