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Respiratory – Clinical work and support

Out-patient Services
There are seven out-patient clinics each week. There will be adequate opportunity for trainees to gain both new and follow-up patient experience as well as discuss cases with the supervising consultant.

Acute in-patient services
Respiratory patients are cared for on one specialist ward at Chichester Hospital and all patients on that ward are automatically taken over by the respiratory team. The inpatient work is split between two respiratory consultants which means there is a consultant ward round every working day for advice/trouble shooting as well as teaching/training. All AHPs contribute to a well-run ward with experienced and supportive nursing staff.
When on-call the registrar posts are on-call for acute medicine. As the respiratory consultants make a major contribution to General Internal Medicine, these posts benefit from a balance of acute respiratory and acute GIM experience, with exposure to ITU training opportunities.

Thoracic Surgery
The unit is supported by Mr Vaughan/Ms Jenkins (consultant thoracic surgeons, St Georges) who attends a weekly lung cancer MDM and conducts a weekly out-patient thoracic surgical clinic.

Two lists are undertaken each week.

The radiology department is well provided with CT scanning, and MRI facilities. A specialist interventional thoracic radiologist with an interest in interstitial lung disease supports the respiratory service.  There is a monthly ILD MDM.


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