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Respiratory – Educational opportunities

There is one specialist registrar post in Chichester, currently appointed from the KSS rotation. There are 1 CMT, 1 GPST, 1 FY2 and 2 FY1 posts in the respiratory unit, plus four respiratory nurse specialists and two lung cancer nurse specialists.

Clinical experience is available in Chichester for most aspects of the respiratory curriculum, except for allergy/immunology, cystic fibrosis and lung transplantation.

STs and CMTs are encouraged to attend the regional study days for respiratory medicine and GIM as well as in house teaching and training opportunities. The latter include weekly grand rounds and combined respiratory/cardiology teaching as well as simulation training.  There is also a weekly lung cancer MDM. Trainees are also encouraged to take part in quality improvement projects and respiratory audits with a view to poster presentations at international respiratory conferences.

 A weekly ambulatory pleural list (pleural drains and aspiration under ultrasound guidance) also provides training opportunities.

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