Trauma and Orthopaedics – Educational opportunities

Teaching sessions include daily trauma meetings, Thursday lunchtime trainee presentations from the FY and CT1 doctors with supervision by consultants and registrars. There are twice monthly arthroplasty meetings held and video-linked cross-site.

Research and audit projects are encouraged and supported with many trainees achieving peer-reviewed publications and national and international presentations.

There is a deanery core surgical simulation run each year at the trust as well as Deanery Higher surgical teaching.


Postgraduate Medical Education and Training

Both St Richard’s Hospital and Worthing Hospital have a long tradition of high quality postgraduate education.

There is an excellent and active Medical Education Centre (CMEC) supported by a comprehensive library with full facilities for on-line computer searching of research literature. A wide variety of courses, tutorials and seminars with local and visiting speakers are organised by the Director of Medical Education, for clinical staff of all disciplines. All grades of medical staff are able to meet at lunch facilities within the centre.

St Richard’s Hospital is recognised for undergraduate teaching by the Universities of London, Southampton and Brighton.  A large number of undergraduate medical students are placed in Chichester each year and are accommodated in the Medical Student Centre within purpose built residential accommodation.


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