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Anaesthetics – Clinical work and support

There are regular elective theatre lists in the surgical specialities of General / Colorectal, Breast, Gynaecology, Urology, ENT and Trauma & Orthopaedics in additional to 24/7 CEPOD Theatre and daily trauma lists. Additionally there are scheduled Dental / simple Maxillo-Facial lists. There are opportunities to gain additional Maxillo-Facial and elective joint replacement experience at our sister hospital, St. Richard’s in Chichester. Trainees are always supervised akin to their level of experience and competence. Trainees always have recourse to a Starred named Consultant during normal working hours (0800 – 1800) and the Anaesthetic Consultant on call out of these hours.

The Department of Anaesthetics provides Obstetric Anaesthesia for the Delivery Suite with a largely Consultant led service during normal working hours (0800 – 1800), providing training and experience for modular training requirements. Out of hours Delivery Suite is covered by an on-call trainee and the Anaesthetic Consultant on call.

Core Anaesthetic CT1 / ACCS CT2 and Anaesthetic ST5 trainees will be expected to rotate through modular training on the Critical Care Unit including on call. The unit is covered 24/7, 365 days a year by a Consultant Intensivist. The Consultant Intensivist cover is direct and on-site between 0800 – 1800 hrs and off-site but within 30 minutes of the hospital out of these hours.

Additionally we encourage all three trainee tiers of on-site on-call to work collaboratively and as a team so as to best meet the demands of patient care safely and effectively, drawing on the skill mix available. We have found that this environment is supportive for learning from clinical experience whilst on-call.

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